Endless Jess is a thin-skinned asshole who shittalks other people constantly, yet cries when it comes back to him.

On March 12th, 2017, Endless Jess began a Twitch livestream in which he hoped to innocently interact with some of his most loyalest of fans. And it was successful at first; but everything changed when a disgusting, legitimately autistic minor began sending slanderous, untrue lies into his twitch chat.


"why arent you funny"

the actual (singular) message sent by princess nat lord


In retaliation, Jess decided it would be wise to incite his legion of fans to attack this member of the community, and went on to erase their presense at procrastipedia.com. All this, because he was called unfunny in a public broadcast.


The Cream Man Saga

Jess seems to have no problem with 'punching down' at children with autism, but does seem to have a problem with handling criticism targetted against himself. Thus is the case with a certain 'Cream Man', who satirically declared war on Jess for his failure to handle insults like an adult. Jess got the message loud and clear, and decided that was to time start being a responsible adult. He began spreading rumors amongst the PCP to make Cream Man seem more vicious than he actually was, and caused some members to become genuinely fearful of their own reputation.




In related news, Jess may be bringing back the My Little Pony reviews!



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